Centre for Academics Excellence and Scholarship (CAES), Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka would like to extend our invitation to all educators, scholars, researchers, engineers, technologists and students from Higher Educational Institutions, Teaching Institutions, Research Institutions and Industries to participate in Innovative Teaching & Learning Research Day 2021 (InTReD’21). Due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, InTReD'21 will be held on 9th December 2021 in a Virtual Platform environment.

The aims of InTReD’21 are to foster research collaborations in Teaching & Learning between universities and the industries. In conjunction with the theme of the conference, “Beyond Boundaries: Humanizing Future-Proof Education”, the InTReD’21 program committee invites for paper and/ or e-Teaching Portfolio on six (6) tracks as listed below, but not limited to:

Track 1: Creative and Innovative in Teaching & Learning

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Teaching & Learning Methodology

Track 2: Learning Technology

  • e-Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • e-Content
  • Gamification
  • e-Portfolio
  • e-Assessment
  • Planning & Design
  • Delivery

Track 3: Learning Skills

  • Soft skills
  • Lifelong Learning
  • 21st Century Skills

Track 4: TVET Teaching and Learning

  • Technical Education & Training
  • Outcome-Based education
  • Competency-Based Approach
  • Other areas related to technical education philosophy, theory or practice

Track 5: Stem Education

  • Design & Implementation
  • Other topics related to STEM Education

Track 6: e-Teaching Portfolio


InTReD’21 targets to give opportunities for researchers to share the best practices in teaching and learning through poster presentation and product showcase. Track 1 to Track 5 are poster style presentation. Track 6 is a dedicated session for e-Teaching Portfolio competition for academia. In consideration of uncertainty of current COVID-19 pandemic situation, we will convene for a FULL VIRTUAL PLATFORM ENVIRONMENT, where all participants will be attending the program virtually.

InTReD’21 will award Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, outstanding Best Paper Award for each category and Best Poster Award for top THREE poster presentation.

Deadline to submit TWO to FOUR page manuscript (Track 1 – Track 5) is by 30th June 2021 31st August 2021. CLOSED.

Deadline to submit e-Teaching Portfolio (Track 6) is by 31st July 2021 30th November 2021

Call for Paper can be found HERE

Submission guidelines for all tracks can be found at

 "All accepted and presented papers will be published in a Conference Proceeding with e-ISBN."